The experience of intercultural exchange is finally for everyone!

The first Made in Italy, learning experience that uses digital tools, design thinking and creative communication to strengthen language learning and intercultural exchange.

A new, groundbreaking opportunity for middle and high school students from all over the World
A new, groundbreaking opportunity for middle and high school students from all over the World

The Exchange eXperience Program (EXP) is a digital intercultural exchange program which gives students the experience of studying abroad without the prohibitive costs. Participants take an online English language course with students from all over the world. They are also placed in EXP Groups of international students with whom they participate in weekly video based activities which recreate the authentic study abroad experience.

Every week EXP groups undertake collaborative tasks which are designed to raise the participants intercultural awareness whilst placing the materials they have covered in class in a real-world context. These peer-to-peer sessions are structured in a way which gives students the opportunity to learn autonomously and proactively. In this way the program enables the students to develop the communicative skills necessary for cooperation with people across cultural barriers, skills which are fundamental to success in both international relations and the contemporary business world.

The English language course is led by qualified mother-tounge teachers.

The intercultural exchange tasks are managed autonomously by the students during the 20 weeks of the Exchange eXperience Program, whereas the English language course is always led by qualified mother tongue teachers. At the end of the Program, each student can choose whether to certify the progress with an internationally valid LanguageCert certificate. It is possible to take the online test in supervised mode. The certification does not expire.

Panoramica del programma

High school students


20 weeks between November and April.
The commitment required for the English language course is 90 minutes per week.
The commitment required for autonomous intercultural exchange activities is at least 60 minutes per week.


An English language course which uses digital technology and innovative teaching methods to promote intercultural awareness and cooperation.
During the 20 weeks of Exchange eXperience Program (EXP) students will follow an English language course in international online classes together with foreign students. At the same time, they are matched and associated with groups of peers from other countries with whom they participate in weekly video calls and activities that recreate the authentic study abroad experience.


The program uses a combination of digital tools for asynchronous and synchronous communication (Zoom for Education, Google Suite, etc).


Modern students are being inadequately prepared for the increasingly globalized nature of the contemporary working world. The Exchange experience Program combines access to advanced language courses with innovative and engaging (inter)cultural activities.

International English language course

Students will significantly improve their English language skills thanks to a 30 hours English course taught by qualified mother tongue teachers.

International English language certifications

Students can certify their English language progress with an internationally valid LanguageCert certificate, taking an online test in proctored mode.

Intercultural exchange experience

Students can join an online program which recreates the authentic study abroad experience without prohibitive costs for students or institutions.

Who is behind the EXP Program

The Exchange eXperience Program is an innovative and revolutionary program developed by the St. George’s Institute of Foreign Languages.

For almost 20 years we have been proudly active in Italy with a number of offices in Rome.

Main Partners

English school that helps people in the education field, teachers and students, to obtain the official English certificate they need – completely online.

Teaching English since 2009, we were the first center in Spain, operating exclusively online, under the Cambridge Preparation Center brand.

Since 2012, Suit Academy has been helping students prepare to sit for their official language exams and achieve their goals supporting them through each step of the qualification journey.

Operating in Talavera de la Reina and Toledo, Suit Academy caters to students from all over the world right in the heart of Spain.

Suit Academy is helping its committed and experienced team of language education professionals reaching online a new generation of learners.

Companies we work with
How to participate in the EXP

If you want to participate in the Exchange eXperience Program as a school, you have to send an expression of interest by filling out the form below.

A member of our staff will process the request and be available to answer all queries.

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